Unsent Love Letters

A blog devoted to the unsent love letters you never got to send. Or even the ones that you did. Everything gets posted and posted FAST. Here is your chance to say everything you never got to say, or even the things that you did. Letters, MySpace messages, one-liners, text messages, anything and everything. Go for it.

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Unsent Love Letters  

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Dear Follwers,

This blog has been inactive for several years, but I’ve been reading the emails you’ve been sending me throughout this whole time. I had stopped logging in and was overwhelmed today to find out that I have gained so many new readers in my absence. 

I will be going through my inboxes and posting all the love notes you have sent the last two years.

Thanks for being wonderful.



You are really an inspiration to me. You’re my sun, my moon, my stars and the ground beneath my feet. I’m so glad we’re together. My parents love you, my friends love you. You take me for drives to look out’s just so we can see the city and night and drink hot chocolate. You’re my everything. I love you with every part of my body.


I hate that I have nothing but love songs.
Funny the way that I’ve been in love, could one day reflect to me as hate.
Of course, this wouldn’t mean a thing anymore within the next few days because this is written in spite.

Jealousy and anger can not be mixed together.
For once it’s mixed, you get pain and sadness.
All in equality.

My dear, this is an emotional dump.

"I’ll be okay, don’t worry."
Always, always a lie.
The easiest most overused lie.
Love, yours truly.


I realized how much I like you just about a week ago. I’m sorry it took me a couple of months. I love how you look, you are simply gorgous. Your long, sleek auburn hair. Your applied cateyes and pale foundation face. Actually, all of your pale skin. The way your hips looked in that pencil skirt. How your jeans fit so perfectly to you perfect frame. Your baseball t’s and Rosie the Riveter shirt. The pained, angsty look that was almost always on your face. Your cute nose. Your small, almost non-existent chest. The modesty in your clothes. The shoes you drew on. The necklace you made yourself. Your love of sci-fi and fantasy. Your love of showtunes, indie music, and just plain odd things. How you wear men’s deodorant. The sense of humor I was told you have. Your painful shyness towards me. How we couldn’t ever have a decent conversation. I am so awestruck by you. You are such an interesting creature, I wish I were allowed into your world.
I know I messed up by being awkward around you. Really, I wanted to have fun the last few weeks of school and not chase after a girl if I probably wouldn’t continue it over the summer. I was a douche, and I realize it. Honestly, I hope you don’t feel like I played you. Because I didn’t mean to seem like that, I didn’t even think about it. Now you’re the only thing I can think about. I hope we can become closer very soon.


If I met you on the streets I would not know how to react, I have thought so many times
on how I would act and what I would say, if you did not see me I would stay away but
if I was caught of guard with you I would most likely be terrified. I know I had my
problems, and still those things torment me but I never gave you the chance to really
get to know me, you see I was afraid I still am but if I could go back I would try
to explain my behaviours to you. You were like noone else, I might be just idealising
your good parts but I dont care, that is what I look for in life..that spark and
that intense emotion that cannot be explained - you once gave me a hug, ive never
really cared too much abut hugs before…but it was just like this unbelievable
force that went through me, and I can kind of still remember how it was. I told
you it was intense and you told me also you felt the same, but even then we never
saw each other again.

Your body, your smile, the way you acted, your imperfections, your laughter and
just the way you were is something I still think of…we will never be and im cool
with that, but you gave me one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life. That
is why I am writing this letter, and I hope the person you will be with will
feel the same as I did that time the last time I saw you…



Darling, it’s three in the Sunday morning, and I miss your shape next to mine in bed so keenly. The shape of a pillow does not really help. I wish I could tangle my legs together with yours. The distance between your lowest rib and the top of your hip is the length of my hand outstretched. The scruff of your cropped hair under my hand is bristled and the shape of your skull provides sleek contrast. My mouth waters when I think of your taste. Please don’t stay away. There’s two bottles of whiskey in this room and I need to go to church with my dad for the first time in ten years in the morning, I want to text you desperately and beg you to come over, today the necklace you bought me broke. Come back so I can come home. - K.


Mike - I hate you and I am glad your life has gone so horribly wrong. You are disloyal, hateful and sick. I feel sorry for your child and even more so for your girlfriend. I hope she finds someone lovely one day who makes her feel like my bf makes me feel. I hope that your future son does not end up like you and can see you the same way the rest of us do. As poison. Stay out of my life. P.

Notes of encouragement from Anonymous:

Heart Broken Girls - I too thought it would never get easier, i’d never heal, he was the one and that it was MY fault. I now realize that it was not my fault and I am worthy of happiness. And then I met a man who agreed. We get married in 18 months and I finally see my past heartbreak for what it was. Something to learn and grow from I just didn’t know it xxxx


When it all comes down, im exactly like you: broken, hurt, crushed, unwanted.
you don’t exactly know this, and neither does your personality.
I love you and your “brother”, but instead of talking to me you have him be with me instead.
Please don’t think that if you fade away and let him “become real” it will solve everything
because you’ll just be hurt more being alone and thinking of him from the past instead

my arms are open for you and your “brother”
your “fate” won’t take either of you away from me
I care for you both, i love you both.
Please don’t go away…

Say… If you are reading this…
Why don’t you come out for a bit and talk…
like that one time.. but alot happier?
Don’t you think it would be…. fun?


I can’t stand it anymore!!! Why couldn’t we have met ten years ago? Before you or I were married (to other people)? I always imagined what I would do if I met someone else who moved me more than “him” but I never thought it was possible. Now, here you are and I can’t bear to look away from you. We have awkward moments in which I know you feel the connection too, because if it were not so, than why do you always follow me? 
We work together, therefore I have to see you everyday. I get to work every day wanting you to be the first person I see and you normally are since you decided to park right next to me. I can’t tear away this feeling of shame, and although we have not done anything wrong, by the mere emotion I feel for you I know I am wrong. You’ll never know how you captivate me…and I guess I’ll never know if you feel the same way. I have my dreams though. and in those dreams, you embrace me and I carress your face. How much longer will this go on? S., why did this happen now? Why do you look at me with those longing eyes? I wonder if you feel it too? I guess we’ll never know… 
I think i love you,


I’m sorry. i should’ve never married you. you deserve someone who will love you passionately. i love you. i do. but not the same as how i hoped it would be. see, i was afraid of being with someone who was going to treat me bad and you were so good to me that i thought…maybe…just maybe i would feel that way for you some day.. and here we are, 10 years later and i can’t say that i do. ur a great father to our children but what about our passion? what about our love? where did that go and why do i see myself falling for someone who is not you? it is not fair for me to push u away everytime u want to hold me but i can’t help to wonder why it can’t be his arms holding me instead. i’m so sorry. i never thought i’d be divorced and not that i’m planning on it but i would never want to hurt you in any way and by having this emotional affair, i can’t help but feel guilty. why didn’t i listen to my gut before we got married? why didn’t i just walk away when i had the chance? i’m sorry. i don’t know where we’ll be in the next few years, i hope this works out. i hope…


Today is your birthday and I got you a present… It was a really dumb, cheap present, but you thanked me anyway. We have been friends for a while now and I can’t help but think that maybe we should be more than that. I really like you, even though, to be honest, I don’t know much about you. You sit and listen to me and give me advice and you are there when I need you but you never need anything in return. I try to make conversation, but I fail. It is obvious that you do not like me. You do not even want to talk to me, but you are too nice to tell me to leave. 
I am so sorry, I try to get over you, but it is difficult. We only have two classes together. I wish that we could talk freely to each other in those classes. I wish that we could talk freely period. I hoped that maybe you would say hello to me first or call me but you never do. I daydream as our teachers ramble on. I think about how life would be if we were together….. Sadly we never will be. You never look my way. You never say hello to me unless you feel obligated to do so. You never have even cared about me… I am sorry, I can’t help it that I like you. 
I wish you a happy birthday. I know that there is some girl that you really like… I will never be that girl. It does not matter, though, as long as you are happy, I am content. 
I will see you in english and science tomorrow. 

Your Buddy,


I can’t help but laugh at what you say. I can’t help but wish we could talk more. I don’t love you in a romantic way, and I know you don’t feel like that about me. That’s not what I’m looking for anyway. 

Just sometimes, I’m so lonely, I’d just like someone to sit with and talk to, like a brother, or like a best guy friend I’ve never had. I’d like you to tell me that things will be OK. I don’t want you to kiss me, I don’t want you to be my boyfriend. I just want to hug you and talk to you and be there for you and you be there for me. Like friends do. 

When you hugged me goodbye tonight that’s all I wished for.